About us

Nestled in the heart of Orumiyeh, a gem in West Azerbaijan, Iran, our story is a rich tapestry of Persian culture and tradition. Every December, an aroma would fill our home – a scent that traveled from the bustling streets of New York all the way to the comforting arms of Ottawa. This was the scent of Torshi, a Persian-style pickled vegetable wonder, crafted by our very own Nasrin. Its allure? So irresistible that the annual stash never saw the dawn of March.

Born from vineyards and apple farms of Orumiyeh, near the pristine Salt Lake, our Torshi isn't just pickled vegetables. It's a legacy, passed down generations, of harnessing the region's best produce. Using natural, authentic, and organic vinegar crafted from the local grapes and apples, we've upheld a tradition that's more than just about food. It's about home. It's about family. It's about sharing a piece of our heritage with you.

Aydin's dream was simple: to let everyone taste this magic. And with Nasrin's expertise, not just as a brilliant geneticist but as the maestro behind our delectable Torshi, we embarked on a culinary adventure. Today, Torshi is more than just a side dish; it's a versatile culinary delight, perfect for any dining setting.

Join us in our journey from the heartwarming gatherings of our family to farmers' markets and soon, across all of Canada. Dive into the Torshi Tale – a blend of family, tradition, and a culinary dream realized. Welcome to our table. Welcome to our family.